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Friends Manager - A WebSPL Example Application

Warning: A browser with JavaScript and DOM support is required for using this application!


This is a little demonstration in using WebSPL for writing web applications. This (well-structured) program has less then 300 lines of SPL code and less then 200 lines of HTML templates. This is including the DOM-based windowing system used in this program, which is not a feature of WebSPL but implemented in this application.

This application does not use any database backends. So the data entered here is volatile and will be removed when you end your session.

This application is like a small address-book program. But in addition to the persons contact data it also stores their relationships to other persons. Click on the names in the menu on the left side to browse and edit the data. Click on "Add New Entry" to create additional entries and click on "Link All Open" to tell the system that all currently open windows represent a group of people which know each other.

Have fun!       -- Clifford Wolf